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What is this?

FridgeList is a free web application that helps you manage tasks. Create multiple lists with ease.

Sign up for an account by using the login box at the top to save your lists across multiple browsers, computers, etc.

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How to use

  • Click "+ Add a list" in the top right corner to add a new list
  • Double click an item to edit
  • Press enter on the keyboard to save.
  • Press Insert to add a task item

Keyboard shortcuts

  • up/down: Move up and down a list
  • left/right: Move between lists
  • Insert: Add an item
  • Delete: Remove selected item
  • Escape: Cancel changes
  • F2: Edit selected item
  • Space: Toggle status of an item
  • Shift+N: Add a list

Known issues

  • Bug: When a list is empty, it causes left/right arrows to not work properly.
  • Bug: When you click to add lists fast, some elements get stuck and you can't edit anything. Work-around: Refresh your browser.

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Thanks to the following:

This app uses jQuery, shortcut.js for keyboard shortcuts, jQuery JSON, Modernizr for limited HTML5/CSS3 backwards compatability.

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